Find images of the work that BCURE is carrying out:

BCURE African Cabinet Network

3  Dr Rogers (Liberia CabSec) presents in Addis 4  John Mitala (Uganda CabSec) makes a point 5  Cab Secs of Liberia SSudan SL Uganda and former Deputy PM Brian Howe (Australia) 6  Ghana  CabSec DG from SSudan and Liberia Cab Sec 7  Delegates from Malawi and Zambia 8  Backdrop 9  Dr Surrur and Momo Foh Sierra Leone 10  A plenary discussion 11  Bernard Kamphasa PS of Zambia presents 12  The Secretary-General (SSudan) 13  Policy Analyst training in Kigali 14  Joseph Mutware head of the Government Action Coordination Unit Presents in Kigali 15  Delegates from Tanzania (L) and Uganda do group work 16  Delegates from Rwanda Zambia Malawi Tanzania SSudan 2  Addis 2014 - all delegates II

BCURE SECURE Health in Malawi

A delegate contributes during the plenary session at the conference AFIDEP staff, SECURE Health programme partners and officials from the Malawi parliament amson Muula (College of Medicine, University of Malawi) and Mr Roosevelt Gondwe (Acting Clerk of Parliament, Malawi) exchange copies of the signed MoU and Policy Engagement Manager, AFIDEP) interviews Prof Fred Segor (PS, Ministry of Health) on the relevance of the programme to the Ministry's mandate cutive & Chair, Council of Health Executives speaks on the relevance of the SECURE Health programme in addressing health challenges at the county level Delegates engage during a science cafe on how research evidence can be used to address maternal and newborn mortality at county level Delegates follow proceedings Dr Eliya Zulu Executive Director AFIDEP speaks at the conference closing Dr Rose Oronje Communications and Policy Engagement Manager makes a presentation on the SECURE Health programme during the conference Dr_ Nathan Bakyaita (World Health Organization) makes his remarks Dr_ Nicholas Muraguri, Director of Medical Services, Kenya Ministry of Health makes his keynote address at the launch of the SECURE Health programme Dr_ Nzioka Head, Division of Health Research & Development, Ministry of Health outlines the objectives of the meeting Dr_ Rose Oronje (AFIDEP), presents the findings of the needs assessment study at the SECURE Health programme launch Ministry of Health officials and programme partners follow proceedings at the launch of the SECURE Health programme Advisory committee or AFIDEP) makes a presentation on the SECURE Health programme at the MoH headquarters in Nairobi during the launch of the programme advisory committee rom left, Mr Roosevelt Gondwe (Acting Clerk of Parliament, Malawi) and Mr Henry Njolomole (Deputy Clerk of Parliament - Parliamentary Services, Malawi) The Principal Secretary Kenya (MoH) Prof Fred Segor makes his speech at the conference opening

BCURE Vaka Yiko Policy Dialogue in Zimbabwe

bcure 11 bcure 12 bcure 13

BCURE Harvard Seminar

bcure1 bcure2 bcure4 bcure7 bcure6

BCURE Annual Meeting 2014

BCURE annual meeting 1 BCURE annual meeting 2 BCURE annual meeting 3

The Crest
We asked programme partners to come up with a crest that symbolises the work of BCURE.
BCURE - The Crest
What does this represent?
Keys – BCURE has the power to unlock peoples potential by the building the capacity of individuals
Hands – Trust and collaboration is needed for the programme to succeed
A Chart – This represents the importance of evidence informed policy
Pegasus – A symbol of wisdom and knowledge


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