Four years of BCURE: What have we achieved and learnt? An overview of publications and resources

After four years of implementation across six projects and twelve countries BCURE is coming to an end in November 2017. We’ve looked at some of the impacts in a recent blog on Duncan Green’s FP2P, and you can also find more updates on BCURE in the last Annual Review, published on DFID’s Devtracker. A final independent evaluation report will be published at the end of 2017.

As BCURE is wrapping up we wanted to make sure to post links to all BCURE-funded publications, case studies and tools/resources that are available online:

BCURE VakaYiko                      


BCURE University of Johannesburg



  • Papers and tools:
  • Blogs
    • The uphill task of building capacity to use research evidence in the Malawi National Assembly. Available at:
    • Struggles of Kenya Parliament staff in supporting MPs to use research evidence. Available at:
    • Evidence-informed policy-making in Kenya’s health sector: The devil is in the quality of evidence. Available at:
    • Using training as one approach for building the capacity of health policymakers in evidence-informed policy-making: Recent experiences and reflections from Kenya and Malawi. Available at:
    • Barriers to research use in the public sector in Kenya and Malawi. Available at:


BCURE Harvard




BCURE Ecorys

  • No resources available online. For more info see DFID annual review (link above), BCURE Ecorys section


BCURE Independent Evaluation


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