Africa Evidence Network – Latest News

October 30, 2015

The latest evidence related news from Africa:

The annual South African Social Attitudes Survey (SASAS) reviews the attitudes of citizens of the country to various issues. A recent report by the Human Sciences Research Council examined the South African public’s attitudes towards science, astronomy and the Square Kilometre Array Telescope, as well as their knowledge and awareness of these topics, based on the 2013 SASAS data. There is a growing interest by policy-makers in the relationship between the South African public and science. This is based on the assumption that a positive relationship between the public and science can support economic and social development, assist in consolidating democracy and citizenship, and improve the quality of life for individuals.

The Conversation’s article written by Samuel Oti highlights how the lack of civil registration and vital statistics contributes to health inequities in Africa. Evidence shows that African countries record less than 75% of their births and deaths. As a result, African governments are unable to respond to health needs or monitor the millennium development goals without these vital statistics.

The GSMA features a blog written by Jennifer Frydrych which reveals a groundbreaking case study that demonstrates the benefits of payment digitisation in Cote d‘Ivoire through the use of mobile money transactions. It is recorded that 99% of the country’s secondary school students successfully paid their annual school fees digitally.

The African Evaluation Journal has published a special edition focusing on health evaluations in Africa. It features a nine-paper series which includes six English articles, two French articles and one review. The papers showcase African-led evaluation work around key issues currently facing many countries, such as the Ebola epidemic and HIV/AIDS treatment.

The South African Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation released the 2014 Development Indicators which track progress made in implementing key government interventions in South Africa. Some of the key performing areas are: life expectancy, infant mortality, HIV/AIDS, Early Childhood Development facilities, number of households and tourism.

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