What do we know about what policy makers want?

A recent article on the Research to Action website by Laura ffrench-Constant focuses on Lessons from 2014: What policy makers want from researchers. An increasing number of academics are trying to communicate their research findings to policy makers in order to increase research uptake. However, it is important to understand what policy makers expect from academics and researchers and how they would like information to be communicated. The author summaries some recent studies that have investigated this question and asks how these contribute to what we already know about how policy makers access and use information. The author concludes by highlighting what she regards as the main question still to be investigated: “…where academics have gone wrong trying to influence policy and what they have learnt from the process. Essentially, do academics understand what is expected of them by policy makers?”

What else is happening in the evidence world? Find out here in the AEN February Newsletter.

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