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The monthly AEN newsletter returns this January with a summary of evidence related news from Africa:

RCTs have proved useful in efforts by Zambia’s Ministry of Health to improve its employment strategy for Community Health workers in rural communities. The RCTs focused on the effects of an organization’s mission statement, peer comparison and work autonomy on employee performance and how these attracted health personnel to work in villages.

A programme led by the African Universities’ Research Approaches (AURA) has been launched to enhance research and teaching practices in nine of Africa’s universities. The project has a dual benefit in that it will enable academics to produce research whilst at the same time developing their students’ research capabilities. Agriculture, health and economics form the programme’s main domains. The programme seeks to establish progressive economies with sound governance practices.

A World Bank article reveals that development practitioners’ negative views of the poor can be harmful to the development initiatives that they try to implement. The results were based on a question posed on whether the poor viewed their future as mostly depended upon themselves. The results were contrary to what development practitioners thought. 80% of the poor were in agreement with this view.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will soon adopt an open access policy on research funded by the institution. Such an approach will enable researchers to access and utilize evidence from existing research and to advance their research in various fields. It is hoped that this will encourage other funders to follow suit.

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