Vakayiko consortium awards 5 small grants to pilot approaches to support evidence-informed policy making

INASP, the lead organisation of the Vakayiko consortium has awarded five small grants to innovative projects. They report:

“We successfully launched a call for applications for small grants from LMIC and received over 200 responses.  We shortlisted nine projects for interview after which we agreed to fund five in the first round.  The first round projects are due to start from September 2014 and are expected to run for a period of no more than 12 months.  The five projects being funded are geographically diverse and take a number of different approaches to building capacity for research use.

 The project in Nigeria supports the Centre for Public Policy Alternatives (CPPA) to improve the access to and use of data by local government officials in two districts in Lagos State.  In Latin America we are funding Politics& to develop and run an online course in EIPM for policy makers in the region.  The course content will be jointly developed with ex- senior civil servants and academics.  In Kenya the Africa Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) is using the opportunity presented by the redrafting of the climate change bill to strengthen the relationship between think tanks, researchers, civil society and government.  Jimma University in Ethiopia is leading a project to improve the capacity of policy makers in the Federal ministry of Health to appraise and use research evidence in decision making.   Finally, in the Philippines we are working with Ateneo de Manila University to improve the use of evidence in education policy by the local school board, district level policy makers responsible for local education policy implementation.”

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